Colors, Superheroes & Halloween

What do these three words have in common, they are the special events scheduled for our virtual and pod classes beginning the week of September 14th.


Our 10 week Fall semester will begin the week of September 14th and conclude the week of November 16th and will include;

  • Secure “Zoom” classes on; Mondays, Tuesdays, or Fridays at 10:00 AM EST.,

  • Wednesday evenings at 6:30 PM EST., STORY TIME, via “Zoom”,

  • Copy of our Dancing in the Light of the Moon CD and/or downloads of this music,

  • Unlimited make-up classes.

Pod/Bubble Classes


I have had inquiries regarding in-person Pod/Bubble Classes. Here is how this would work;


  • The class would be 10 weeks in duration and held at your home with one Family serving as the Host,

  • Your “Pod/Bubble” would determine the day & time for the live session,

  • There would be a minimum of three Families/Maximum of six Families per class,

  • Each Family would be responsible for bringing their own scarf and babies/stuffed animals, I will bring the instruments and parachute,

  • CD and/or downloads as previously described,

  • You are also invited to join our story time on Zoom on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm EST,

  • Each adult will affirm that their Family is not running a temperature and adults will wear masks  I will wear a clear smile mask,

  • I will be responsible for collecting the tuition at the first day of class,

  • The cost will be $160.00 per Family, please call me at 610-316-2150 to book your day, time and participants.



  • A one time visit parameters as described above for $80.00 in total, again please call me at 610-316-2150.

Let's keep singing and I'm hoping you'll join in the fun!


updated August 31, 2020

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