Monday's Spring 2021|Pod/Bubble Class, 6 weeks - Begins on Monday, April 12th.  The cost is $110.00 per Family with a minimum of three (3) Families at your location
Teacher: Sandi


The 6-week spring session features music from our CD;  Let's Hop, a copy of which you will receive at the first class or you will have the option to download a copy of this our music to your device. These classes will be held at your location with a minimum of three (3) families in attendance. There is no limitation on the number of siblings from each Family unit however we will need the concurrence of the Hosting family.  I will provide the; instruments, scarves and my enthusiasm each family will need to bring there own stuffed animal/doll baby.  This class will be held at your location beginning Monday April 12th at 10:00 AM.  We can consider having the class outdoors provided that it can be held in a contained area such as a deck or a porch.  In addition we will need to have a contingency plan in case of cold or rainy weather.  Please call or text Sandi at 610-316-2150 to confirm your day and time.



Monday's Pod/Bubble Class|6 Weeks|Spring Session

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