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Fall Enrollment

Our Theme:                        Yodel-Lay-Hee

                     with downloads available via; Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and Prime

Location and Time:    The following classes are now filled:

                    Monday           Springfield               9:30 & 10:30 

                      Wednesday     Media                      9:30 

Available Classes as follows:   

Tuesday,           515 Sharpless Road, Springfield, Pennsylvania  9:30 & 10:30

Wednesday      Sage Farmhouse 5561 Pennell Rd, Media, PA         10:30

Thursday          Sage Farmhouse 5561 Pennell Rd, Media, PA     9:30 &10:30


The fall semester will run from the week of September 13 through the week of November 15. 


Pricing:                            ​

                            first child                               $190.00

​                            second and succeeding sibling $80.00 inclusive

At my home I do have pets, 2 cats, Maniac and Jewels along with Ula our german shepherd. During your visit the cats will be hiding under the beds and Ula will be outside on the deck unless it is raining in which case, she will be downstairs.

Our music is available via download at Spotify, Apple, Pandora and Prime and we'll offer unlimited make up classes. 



Please use this website for all registrations, due to space constraints please use the "note" block to advise me as to how many adults will be attending each week.

All adults must wear masks! Precautions are being taken to ensure all instruments, props and class areas are clean.  I am following "CDC" guidelines to ensure a safe environment.  Please make sure that you and your children utilize the available hand sanitizer upon arriving

So excited to be back in person at both locations, please contact me with any questions at sandi@mmdelawareco.com or 610.316.2150 (text or call).  Hope to see you soon!